Is disorder affecting your life? Are things not getting done?

Life is a puzzle. Work, home, and time are just a few of the big pieces, made up of many smaller ones. When these pieces are organized, life is beautiful. Large personal and professional issues become manageable, even non-existent, once the smaller pieces are finally in place. At Impeccable Order, we help you put those pieces together. The best way to make a problem even worse is to think about it. The longer you wait, small problems begin to feel, and often become, so much larger than they need to be. The solution is action. From our very first meeting, we will begin to develop and implement your custom Plan of Action. We will outline all of your goals and tasks, and create a schedule that will enable you to complete them. Our clients have found their lives, the ones they’d always imagined, had been waiting right in front them. Stop waiting. Get your life and your space organized now.

Caitlin Schoenfeld, CPO, Founder of IMPECCABLE ORDER

Caitlin Schoenfeld, CPO

Caitlin Schoenfeld, CPO, is the founder of Impeccable Order. A graduate of Phillips Andover Academy and Rutgers University, Caitlin spent many years developing an action-oriented methodology for organization and time management. Realizing how much her methods helped people, she created Impeccable Order, and has been leading her clients to happier, more productive lives ever since. Impeccable Order serves the South Florida and New York City areas.

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