Magnet… I’m just drawn to you…

Magnets are often overlooked when it comes to organizing one’s possessions, but they hold a world of order that is simple, effective, and beautiful.

Check out some of my favorites:

wood knife magnet strip
Messermeister Knife Magnet –
(Courtesy of Amazon)

Circular wall-mount knife magnets

Eva Solo Wall Mount Knife Magnets –
(Courtesy of Amazon)

light wood wall mount knife magnet

Better Houseware 2404/12 Bamboo Magnetic Bar –
(Courtesy of Amazon)

Zevro - Zero Gravity Magnetic Spice Rack

Zevro Zero Gravity Spice Rack –
(Courtesy of Amazon)

Magnetter Key Hanger - Think Geek

Magnetter Key Hanger –
(Courtesy of Think Geek)

Daily Essentials Magnetic Organizer

Daily Essentials Magnetic Organizer –
(Courtesy of Dot&Bo)

Design Ideas Brocade Magnetic Pencil Bin

Design Ideas Brocade Magnetic Pencil Bin –
(Courtesy of Amazon)

Urbio Big Happy Family Organizer

Urbio Big Happy Family Organizer –

(Courtesy of Urbio)

Magnetic Desk Dots

Magnetic Desk Dots –
(Uncommon Goods)
Inukshuks –
(Yanko Design)
MOS - Magnetic Organization System
Magnetic Organization System –
(Courtesy of MOS)


Other Uses for Magnets:

Magnetic Makeup Board - Magnetic Metal, EtsyOrganize your makeup on a Magnet Make-up Board –
(Courtesy of Magnetic Metal, Etsy)

Magnetic Craft Storage - Brady Lou BlogOrganize crafting supplies with Magnetic Spice Containers –
(Courtesy of Brady Lou)

Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer - RedomesticationOrganize your jewelry with a DIY Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer –
(Courtesy of Redomestication)

Magnetic Organizers - Martha StewartOrganize your medicine cabinet with Magnetic Hooks –
(Courtesy of Martha Stewart)

Let yourself be drawn to a better way!

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